Code of doing business

Our company highly values the reputation and steadily adheres to the greatest standards of business ethics in all directions of the activity, honestly does business in accordance with the greatest standards. Activity of company is base on legal, effective and just methods of conduct of work, including, but not limited to the mutual relations with public organs and officials, by mutual relations with the workers, conduct of accounting and payment of taxes, implementation and adherence of legislation of Ukraine.

Regardless of price and complication of question we always carry out the activity legal and ethic methods.

I. Observance of anticorruption legislation.

As basic activity of company is a grant of services in registration, certification, examination and estimation of accordance of medical products of foreign partners in the public organs of Ukraine, we declare the real, that all employees of company conduct all types of activity a законослухняним and ethic method, in accordance with national laws in force and by normative requirements, including under the Law of the USA on a fight against a corruption in foreign economic activity, accepted in 1977 gs. (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 - FCPA) and under the Law of Great Britain on a bribery (Bribery Act 2010).

Confirm these, that leaders of company and her key employees, members of their families, contractors and consultants of company :

Are not select or appointed public servants, employees, agents or representatives of public organs, establishments or enterprises that belong to the state or are under control the state;

Are not or not were the public servants of political parties;

Are not candidates or select persons on political position;

Whether are not public servants, agents or employees of organizations, that is financed from the state budget, or international public organizations;

Confirm these, that payments are in public organs, establishments or companies, that belong to the state or are under control the state, executed in a cashless form, on the basis of Agreements and / or the legislatively set tariffs. Such payments are exceptionally the payments, related to implementation of works for registrations, certifications, examinations and estimations of accordance of medical products.

Code of doing business of group of companies :

(а) forbids to carry out, to promise or allow realization  of payments for subornation or transmission for some reason, that has a value, to the public administrator, with the aim of motive of him to realization of any governmental acts or making decision in interests of new or current business;

(b) forbids to call to other company or to the person, to bring over them to participating in one of the above-mentioned types of activity;

(c) requires from contractors, consultants, agents, representatives of company, that operate on behalf of company «Cratia Medtekhnika» LLC to do the same as, it is marked in points (а) and (b).

If an employee or business partner (contractor, consultant, agent, representative) doubts in a value or applicability of any set scopes, limitations or requirements to the disclosure of information on co-operating with public administrators, then this person must be consulted with it by a basic pin person from a company «Cratia Medtekhnika» LLC to the feasance of the activity.

Determination of concept «the Public administrator» :

(a) public servant or civil servant, or (b) person that operates as an official representative from the name :

to organization that is included in List of organizations of Anticorruption law (FCPA1), any other the Ukrainian national, local, circuitous or municipal government agency, organ, commission, committee of or establishment, or Ukrainian political party, Ukrainian state corporation or public international organization, or

(c) Ukrainian political party.

II. Observance of confidentiality and independence.

A collaboration practically with every Customer foresees the receipt of information and documentation that is or can be confidential. In this connection into a company severe rules are set in relation to the observance of the mode of confidentiality, and with every employee of company, contractor, consultant and agent necessarily sign to Agreement on Confidentiality (before a reception on work, or to beginning of collaboration).

A company «Cratia Medtekhnika» LLCguarantees:

observance of the mode of severe confidentially those the got information and without the previous written consent of Customer (partner) not to expose her to any third persons and not use confidential information except the aims foreseen by a collaboration and signed Agreements;

storage of confidential information that does impossible access to information of the third persons;

providing of access to confidential information only employees, contractors, consultants and agents instructed about the order of work with confidential information, and that signed necessary documents about the observance of the mode of confidentiality.

We ensure independence activity of our company from interests of the third persons and companies. It means that a physical or legal person, that has any the business interests in relation to the products of our partners, or products that competes with the products of our partners, can not become a founder or leading employee of company. This requirement adheres to in relation to members families of legal entities.

For providing of transparent and independent activity our company will guarantee that will not conduct economic activity, and will not be attracted in economic activity of the third persons in relation to sales, participating in tenders and another ways of marketing of medical products.

Financing of of activity, development and income of company comes true exceptionally due to implementation of works and services to of Customers, personal funds of founders.

III. Implementation of current legislation and informing.

Basic activity of company from the grant of services in registration, certification, examination and estimation of accordance of medical products in public organs, as well as other types of activity, are base on correct and timely implementation of requirements of the current Ukrainian and international legislation, knowledge of company employees all branch legislative acts, standards and пр.

A company «Cratia Medtekhnika» LLCguarantees:

implementation of works and services comes true in severe accordance with the current Ukrainian legislation, and also, where it is applied - accordingly with the European and International legislation;

implementation of works and services breaks no national laws, acts or standards;

the employees of company pass studies and in-plant training in good time, and those works in relation to that they are sure in legitimity and legislative accordingly execute only.

IV. Implementation contracted.

Fulfiling commitment before Customer and long-term collaboration far more important, than receipt of profit is in a short period. In any situation of implementation contracted before Customer stands on the first place, and a company guarantees that will accept an unprofitable decision that will provide legal and proper implementation of obligations.

V. Observance of terms of free competition.

We guarantee the real, that respect and adhere to the rules of free market competition and business-ethics, including, but not limited:

By prohibition on entering into any contracts or agreements with competitors on the concordance of prices, level of income or from other aspects of competition in relation to producible by us works and services;

By prohibition on any not ethic methods of conduct of competition, including but not limited distribution of unconscientious information, influence on public organs, establishments and officials;

This Code is obligatory for implementation of company all employees, by contractors, consultants and agents. In case if you had suspicion about violation of Code, what questions about implementation of his terms - ask immediately to report you for е