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Cratia medtekhnika

“Cratia Medtekhnika” LLC is a leader in regulatory services and Authorized Representative services in Ukraine. We are a professional team with extensive experience working with foreign manufacturers of medical products, radio equipment, cosmetics and other products. We are not engaged in importation, distribution or marketing, and have no conflict of interest. We strengthen your business with regulatory compliance, post-marketing and safety oversight, professional communication with the market and competent authorities, assistance to official distributors. Today, we are an authorized representative for more than 180 global manufacturers.

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Our team consists of more than 140 specialists in Ukraine and the CIS:

Irina Burtseva


Alla Somyk

Quality assurance deputy director

Maryna Kholodnitska


Glib Shcherbak

Legal Counsel Master of law

Victoria Moroz

Specialist of Certification and Conformity Assessment Department

Anna Hnatiuk

Specialist of Certification and Conformity Assessment

Alina Ermak

Head of Authorized representative department

We are Authorized Representative are for more than 180 international manufacturers

Our partners can tell you the best about our professionalism and quality of work. For each Customer, we try to choose the optimal relationship scheme, paying equal attention to both large customers and small orders. Almost always, the company becomes our permanent and long-term partner.